Field Craft Training allows cadets to develop their personal skills and knowledge in a wide range of activities which relate directly to working and living in a field environment. In addition, it offers a wide range of opportunities for leadership at all levels. It covers activities like shelter construction, webbing usage, navigation and cooking, all things which are required when living and working out in the field.


As you become more experienced as a cadet you'll take on extra responsibilities and have further opportunities to develop your self-confidence and leadership skills. Formal leadership training is provided at the four levels; blue, bronze, silver, and gold. The blue award is completed at squadron level, however the Bronze & Silver awards are completed at Wing level on cadet Non-Comissioned Officer (NCO) courses, which are designed to arm cadets in positions of leadership with the necessary skills to carry out their roles. Gold level is completed at a national level on a uniquely designed Gold leadership course.