Youth First Aid Course

On the 23rd and 24th of March, 11 cadets completed their Youth First Aid (YFA) course, at 878 (Highworth) squadron. This qualification enables the cadets to be of assistance when complex First Aid may be required such as, CPR, burns and scalds, head injuries, shock, allergic reactions and suspected broken bones. This course was taught and assessed by qualified Royal Air Force Air Cadet staff, and is accredited by St John’s Ambulance. YFA is country-wide qualification which, as well as being a valuable asset to cadet and community, can put on cadet CV’s; this may help them get employment in the future and will show people what great qualifications they have achieved within the organisation. One cadet said that “it was loads of fun which you get a qualification out of, but also YFA will now help me in the future and give me more confidence when doing first aid”. All 11 cadets passed the course so now at 878 (Highworth) squadron 30 cadets are YFA qualified or above and 15 have a basic first aid qualification, Heart Start which is endorsed by the British Heart Foundation.

Cdt Sgt Molly Ashby

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