Dining In Night 2020

Dining In Night, 7th March 2020

One of the most exciting but less well-known military traditions, Dining In Nights are widely celebrated by most squadrons in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

As 878 (Highworth) Squadron has grown, our Dining in Nights have become bigger and even more enjoyable. This year, we got to ‘Dine in’ our new intake from September of last year and ‘Dined out’ some important members of the squadron. For many of our younger cadets it was the first time they had experienced such a formal dinner, and it must be said that their etiquette was outstanding.

One of the most notable events of the evening was when we officially said goodbye to our Adjutant, Flying Officer Callum Cornish, as he left us to start his career in the Royal Air Force. After dinner, there were speeches from our Officer Commanding and from the Flying Officer. It was a great chance to hear about some Squadron achievements from the past year.

Our two youngest cadets were appointed as joint ‘Mr Vice’ and given the responsibility of entertaining the room once the top table retired. This was a huge event for them, as you can imagine; entertaining a room full of RAFAC Officers and your peers must be hugely nerve wracking especially at such a young age. They performed brilliantly, getting laughs from around the room for their ‘Dad jokes’!

After the formal part of the evening was finished, the dance floor took over and everyone had the opportunity to have a good old boogie! It also gave them the chance to catch up with friends, including those who have left the organisation in the last year.

This is one of the best events the Air Cadets, and the military, has to offer. Thank you to Stanton House Hotel and their staff for giving us such a wonderful evening!

Cadet Sergeant Anna Talbert, 17

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