Working together, whilst we are apart.

Working together, whilst we are apart.

These are strange times we are living in now. Schools are closed, restaurants are shut down and so, unfortunately are the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

However, just because we are apart does not mean we cannot still work together, with the help of some pioneering technology. Even though our cadets cannot get out into the community at events like Wrde Up or Swindon Pride, we are still here, quietly working away to remain visible in the public eye.

Our parade nights have become a virtual affair which certainly seemed strange at first. The cadets have been set challenges to complete during our Virtual Parade Nights, like creating a presentation for potential new recruits. I am sure anyone who is currently working from home can understand that speaking in a Microsoft Teams meeting is incredibly daunting. Our cadets are slowly becoming more confident to present in front of all participants, including staff, which is developing a skill that would not have been necessary had we been face-to-face.

Challenges have been set from Headquarters Air Cadets, and our very own Cdt Martin was the winner of this challenge for April. Her poem, on how the Covid-19 situation is affecting RAFAC, was selected as the Dorset and Wiltshire Wing representative for the Commandant’s Challenge and then managed to win the Corps-wide competition – Well done Cdt Martin!

First aid training sessions are also being run virtually, giving cadets a way to keep their life-saving knowledge up to date. Keeping fit is certainly important at the moment and our cadets have been working hard to complete the fitness section of the Blue Duke of Edinburgh award.

The NCOs have continued to meet via Microsoft Teams, to develop new ways to interact with the cadets, in a time when we cannot do so physically. Now, one of the most important aspects of being a part of this organisation, is the positivity we feel just by talking to someone. Checking in on our friends who we have not seen for a while. Just having a chat with them can really make a difference.

From 878 Squadron, please stay well and happy, and stay at home if you can.

Sgt Anna Talbert, 17

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